Would You Like to Up Your Betting Game and Have it as a Reliable Side Income

Carl Nicholson who has 10+ Years of Profitable Proofed Betting to his name will provide one on one coaching tailored to your betting goals

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"After repeated requests from followers of my tipping services to provide more details on how I operate as a successful pro gambler I decided to offer one on one coaching to a few persistent enquirers.

The coaching was customised to individual needs and turned out to be very successful for the initial intake and and was also very enjoyable for me.

So I've decided to take on a few more coaching clients."

Carl Nicholson pro gambler and tipster

If you've made it to this page you no doubt know my reputation and have probably profited from my selections.

I started working with the guys at On Course Profits back in 2012 when it was called Betting School and together we have built three profitable services...

  • Value Backing Naps
  • ITV Racing Tips
  • Irish Racing Tips
  • They are all long term profitable as is my personal betting.

    After years of keeping my methods to myself I have decided to share with a small group of clients in a one on one coaching arrangement.

    How it Works

    Once you've signed up we will start off with a chat on Whatsapp or over email where we can gauge where you are at with your betting and together decide where to focus our attention first.

    Once we've had that initial chat we will have a plan that is tailored to your needs.

    I will record videos to demonstrate the things I want to teach you and as you progress you can share your own selections with me for comment.

    You can message me every day if you have the time to work on your new skills daily or we can take it steadier if you need more time or don't have so much free time.  

    What you can Learn

    Obviously you will want to learn my methods for finding winners, we will work through various strategies along with real examples and will keep working on that until you are at the level that you want to be at.

    But there are of course other factors that are a feature of the successful bettor.

    I will also cover the mental side of betting and selection processes and how to cope with the pressures that betting can induce.

    As well as advice on betting banks and management.

    In fact anything you want to know about how I bet, just ask and I'll be happy to help.

    How much will it cost?

    Unfortunately it can't be cheap because you are getting multiple hours of one on one time with Carl every week.

    If you only spend six hours a week with Carl that is 26 hours per month and at the average UK wage of around £16/hour that is £416.

    From our experience with the first clients although there may be less than 6 hours per week in messaging, the time in the background making videos, reviewing selections etc is much higher.

    And of course you will be learning a priceless skill that will boost your income for the rest of your days.

    The price we have set is £399/month or £999 for 3 months if you want to book in six months, which should be enough to make huge progress, then there is a discount for that option.

    Client Feedback

    Thanks Carl, that was v helpful, I like the idea of separate pots built up in advance from a percentage of winnings.

    Definitely for festivals. Over years I've been more successful on Saturday handicaps and top class races as I know all are trying, same at Festivals.

    It's the day to day race selection I've not been good at, and this is where I'm now trying greater control, target one or two races for close look and limit bets.

    Thanks for your help.

    Thanks Carl, the video is excellent, shows the very small but important margin between winning and losing - I've so often cursed a jockey for getting going too late, but not thought about why the winner won.....

    Agree that has been my biggest problem in last year...

    ...trying focus on my tracker horses and own race selection/analysis.

    Thanks Carl, your videos are excellent, really interesting angle there. I've been watching races much more closely since we started, thanks again

    Only a snapshot, but interesting to have a month of betting stats to look at. I won the most on trackers, which supports a view I've long had that if I could spend more time watching the racing I'd better (backing based on what I see). 

    You have given me plenty more to think about too.

    Thanks for this Carl, gives me a lot of confidence to go forward with.... 

    ...my own results are better and you've given me a lot to think about.

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    • One to one coaching
    • Personalised to your needs
    • Video, Whatsapp & email
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    • Cheapest price
    • Money Back Guarantee
    • No price increase if re-joining after 6 months

    You are fully protected by our Satisfaction-Guarantee.

    Obviously Carl cannot un-teach you things you've already been taught and he can't get back the hours he's spent working with you, but we realise that sometimes people's goals and ambitions don't align and it maybe that Carl is not the best coach for you.

    So if within the first 14 days either yourself or Carl decides that this coaching relationship will not work out then a full 'no quibble' refund will be given. 

    More Client Feedback

    Thanks for this Carl, gives me a lot of confidence to go forward with....

    ...my own results are better and you've given me a lot to think about.

     I feel like I'm turning a bit of a corner the last few weeks and my own picks have been quite profitable

    Your videos are excellent, lots of new thinking for me, watching in a different way now...

    Have used the month to reduce reliance on tipsters and develop a strategy that I want to try out for a while, low stakes but then maybe increase if it goes well. 

    ...thanks again for your input

    You can tie yourself in knots pouring over it and then when you break it down it's so logical

    thk u v much. I have got a lot more confidence back just by speaking with you....which is a bit strange in itself but a good sign

    Do you know what Carl you make a lot of sense ...

    I've honestly learnt so much the last few months but have loads more to learn so let's keep it going and push on.

    All client feedback is kept on file for inspection by the relevant authorities (all comments on this page in Whatsapp messages to Carl)