ITV Results

Carl Nicholson’s ITV Racing Service (End May 2019)

Carl has been providing selections for the racing shown on terrestrial TV (Channel 4 and now ITV) since the Cheltenham Festival in March of 2017.

During the 9 months of 2017 the selections produced +94 points profit combined with a +30% ROI and 29% Strike Rate.

With more meetings covered during 2018 the profits ramped up even further with a cracking annual profit of over 250 points with an improved strike rate of 34%.

The latest month, May, proved to be the best so far this year and delivered over 35pts profit as well as being the 5th consecutive month of gains on the bounce.

As a result the 2019 campaign have broken through the +100pts barrier along with a better than 1 in 2 win or place strike rate (where advised Each-Way) and a cracking +34% ROI.

Carl provides a selection for each of the races to be shown on ITV/ITV4 and also includes a Nap and Next Best which carry a slightly bigger suggested stake. On a typical Saturday there will be 5-7 races shown live and total stakes will be 5-9pts, and given the high strike rate a simple 50pt bank will comfortably cope with any short losing spells.

The selections are sent out by email the night before racing leaving plenty of time to get the bets on and, because of the nature of the races, the bookies generally offer enhanced prices/place terms to attract you to bet with them.

The CN ITV Team

You can download the full results here