These are just some of the Big Priced Winners

From Value Backing since launch...
  • Solemia 66/1...
  • Western Warhorse 50/1 ...
  • Lord Windermere 33/1 ...
  • Bygones Sovereign 20/1 ...

Would You Like to be on Winners Like These?

That’s just some of the wins that followers of Carl Nicholson’s Value Backing service have had since he launched.

Number 1 in Proofing Table

December 2014 saw Value Backing top the proofing tables at Race Advisor for the year.

All Selections Proofed

Before Carl launched his service he proofed all his selections to members of the Betting School Insiders Club.

Who is Carl Nicholson?

Harvard University Graduate
With a degree in maths and computer science from Harvard University, Carl got his early racing experience working as an understudy to a professional race reader for the Daily Racing Form during the holidays covering numerous race tracks in the USA.
  • Author of Value Backing guide to Make Money Betting
  • Harvard Graduate
  • Value Odds Operator
  • Disciplined Backer
  • Daily Race Form race reader

Glory Days

Member makes £5,000 in one day
The greatest feeling in the world is when you have a glory day and hit multiple big priced winners in the same day.

We have had many such days and some have been captured for posterity on our Facebook page.

And Again

A lot of members don't like to share the size of their winnings for various legitimate reasons.

But when Neil Dawkins lands a big one he's happy to tell the world and give credit where it's due

What Our Customers Are Saying

Simply Sensational tipping in todays review pity Chopin didn't win.

But who can argue with 2 x 25/1 winners and 2 placed at 40/1 and 20/1
Carl, Cracking bet many thanks.

Not only got on at 50/1 EW but also got 14/1 for the place only which I thought was great value as well

Just want to send a couple of lines to thank you for the time and effort you obviously put into your service.

It's much appreciated and long may the winning continue. Bob
Cheers Guys,

Cape tribulation in the Chelt 14.25 was a corker of a race, well done guys,


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